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1. One that performs an operation or a function.
2. Grammar See function word.

[New Latin fūnctor, from Latin fūnctiō, performance, function; see function.]


1. (Grammar) (in grammar) a function word or form word
2. (Mathematics) (in mathematics) a function that maps elements of one set to those of another


(ˈfʌŋk tər)

that which functions; operator.
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First note that all steps of the construction are functorial.
Their theory supplements the recent work of Asgari-Shahidi on the functorial life from (split and quasisplit forms of) GSpin2n to GL2n.
The aim of this short note is to indicate a functorial construction of a locally compact group [Y.
For example, the construction is not functorial so that we cannot embed the quantum cohomology of a partial flag manifold inside the quantum cohomology of the complete flag manifold.
Among the topics are a categorical perspective on connections with applications in formulating functorial physical dynamics, something new about reconstruction, graph analysis with application to economics, a model of higher-order concurrent programs based on graph rewriting, and protecting the vertices of a graph.
The Rubato Composer music software: component-based implementation of a functorial concept architecture.
The previous definition should make the functorial properties of [sup.
It is a sort of a dimension category, where the role of functorial maps is played by C-space transformations which reshuffles a p-brane history for a p'-brane history or a mixture of all of them, for example.
The new concept --to be called homological or functorial representation-- is a genuine generalization of the received notion of representation as a structure preserving map as it is used, for example, in the representational theory of measurement.
We have used [s, t] as notation for [cross product]-pairs, reserving f [cross product] g for the functorial action of [cross product], where
Moreover, the transgression forms for this family also converge and provide a canonical and functorial coboundary between [c.
Nourani presents readers with comprehensive guide to new techniques with functorial models designed to address important areas of both pure mathematics and computability theory from the algebraic point of view.