higher mathematics

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higher mathematics

(Mathematics) (functioning as singular) abstract mathematics, including number theory and topology, that is more advanced than basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry

high′er mathemat′ics

the advanced portions of mathematics, customarily considered as embracing all beyond ordinary arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and trigonometry.
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Teachers 3, 4, 9, and 10 (who did not have a graduate degree) expressed a strong need for further mathematics professional development and mentorship within their schools to help with their educational needs.
Among others is Mr Akinrotimi Emmanuel, who made me more grounded in Further Mathematics and Physics.
Shehab Alshehabi attained three A* grades in A-level Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics and one A grade in Further Mathematics.
Joe will be continuing his studies in the sixth form at Whickham, studying chemistry, mathematics, further mathematics and physics.
Isaac Black, who achieved an incredible 3A* grades in mathematics, further mathematics and physics, as well as an A in chemistry, has gained a place to study civil engineering at Imperial College London.
The general performance and A-C performance across all subjects is commendable, with the percentage of students gaining A* grades particularly high in chemistry, further mathematics, history, psychology and physical education.
The impressive results were recorded in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
Fractions, as we know, are difficult to learn and difficult to teach yet vital for students to have access to further mathematics.
Graph theory including directed graphs, Eulerian cycles, and Hamiltonian paths are typical content in upper secondary general or further mathematics subjects.
The first 12 subjects offered on the new timetable will be English and English as an Additional Language, Accounting, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing, LOTE Chinese First Language, and LOTE Arabic.
He scored A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
The Year 10 pupil is now studying Additional Mathematics, AS Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

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