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a.1.Handy; reat; handsome; notable.
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The Fusome skin delivery system, currently used in Moberg's JointFlex pain-relieving cream, helps facilitate skin penetration, enabling a rapid delivery of effective pain relievers to the pain source.
A Balbiani body and the fusome mediate mitochondrial inheritance during Drosophila oogenesis.
Our goal when we put together the formula was to deliver the Food and Drug Administration-regulated active ingredient, camphor, more effectively using a trademarked Fusome delivery system," Dr.
Moberg Pharma has utilized its Fusome skin delivery system (currently used in Moberg's JointFlex Pain Relieving Cream) to formulate Kerasal NeuroCream, enabling a rapid delivery of effective pain relievers.
JointFlex, on the other hand, uses a technology called Fusome to maximize the ability of the beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin and reach the joint.
The company's JointFlex Pain Relief Cream's proprietary Fusome Skin Delivery system means that the product's active ingredients are absorbed quickly into the skin.
The product's Fusome skin delivery system enables the ingredients -- including glucosamine chondroitin sulfate for skin conditioning -- to be quickly delivered to the skin with no greasy residue or lingering medicinal smell, Smart Science president Gene Weitz notes.
The company's first product, JointFlex Pain Relief Cream, is unique because of its proprietary Fusome Skin Delivery System, according to SmartScience founder and president Gene Weitz.