Futa Jallon

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Fu·ta Jal·lon

 (fo͞o′tə jə-lōn′, fo͞o′tä jä-lôN′)
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All these fit into the history of Fulani relations with all he interacted with right from his hazy Judae-Syrian roots, through North Africa to the Futa Jallon, to Northern Nigeria.
Therefore, his argument challenges Walter Rodney and Boubacar Barry's notions that most of the slaves who passed through Bissau and Cacheu and into the Atlantic were made captive in the more distant interior and were the products of wars waged by states, especially the Mandinka state of Kaabu and a Fula state on the Futa Jallon plateau.
The first was the Anglo-French Convention of 28 June 1882 (preceding the Berlin Conference, which officially partitioned the African continent among the Europeans, by two years): the British recognised French claims to Mellacourie (of which, as I noted earlier, Yenga would have formed a part), which now meant French control of the entire Futa Jallon region--the basis of their colony of Guinea.
Geographically Senegambia is defined by the Senegal river in the north, the Kolante river in Guinea at its south, and the Futa Jallon Plateau on the east.