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Noun1.futures market - a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded
commodities exchange, commodities market, commodity exchange - an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery
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marché de contrats à terme
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Summary: Futures markets are wagering the central bank will actually stand pat for all of 2019
A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets (Second Edition)by Jack D.
Commodity futures markets provide both price discovery and risk management opportunities for agricultural producers and agribusiness managers.
Heavy short covering in the futures markets and bargain buying in the cash markets were featured in gold and silver, following recent selling pressure that drove both markets to five-month lows on Tuesday.
Brokers are well versed on the news concerning Bitcoin Futures and have a vast number of years of experience with all futures markets. Cannon Trading stay diverse with the platforms and market access and data provided to clients to stay on top of the continued growth of new products in the futures markets.
Today, out of the top 15 global futures markets by traded volume, 9 are from emerging markets.
A UK-based trader had earlier found himself at the centre of a legal battle for allegedly tricking the futures markets and pocketing Au30 million fortune.
The futures markets are also providing incentives to store more crude in the form of a much wider and more consistent contango structure.
However, specialized features and unique requirements of futures markets warranted promulgation of an independent and comprehensive piece of legislation laying the grounds for the Bill.
This article utilizes the cointegration test proposed by Johansen and Juselius (32) to investigate whether the cointegration between the spot and futures markets in Taiwan exists for the pre- and post-liberalization periods.
In particular, the synchronized boom and bust cycle in 2007-8 in a large number of commodities across the energy, metal, and agricultural sectors has led to a heated debate regarding whether speculation in commodity futures markets caused a bubble in commodity prices.