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An area at the tip of southern Africa that is covered by a growth of evergreen shrubs, especially of the families Proteaceae and Ericaceae. It is characterized by nutrient-poor soil, frequent fires, high species diversity, and a large number of endemic species.

[Afrikaans, scrubland having no trees with thick trunks : fyn, slender, gracile (from Middle Dutch fijn, from Old French fin; see fine1) + bos, woods, forest, bush land (from Middle Dutch bosch; akin to Middle English bush; see bush).]


(Botany) a type of vegetation unique to the Mediterranean-climate region of southern and southwestern South Africa, characterized by evergreen hard-leaved shrubs and almost no trees
[Afrikaans: fine bush]
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The Fynbos is an area around the south and southwest of the Cape and known especially for its tall flowering plants.
Visitors will see native fynbos (a plant group featuring proteas, ericas and restios), an amazing collection of cycads as well as swathes of native rich blue agapanthus and spiky striking orange birds of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), named after their resemblance to brightly coloured birds in flight.
At midday, a 5-year-old boy was walking with his grandfather over the sand dunes on a path through the fynbos (natural shrubland or heathland vegetation) in the Betty's Bay area of the Western Cape Province, South Africa.
Holmes PM and Newton RJ (2004) Patterns of seed persistence in South African fynbos.
Biological nitrogen fixation and molecular diversity of rhizobia isolated from root nodules of wild legumes Polhillia, Wiborgia and Wiborgiella species of the South African Cape fynbos.
My gin of choice is Inverroche, which is infused with South African fynbos plants.
Long bone robusticity and subsistence behaviour among Later Stone Age foragers of the forest and fynbos biomes of South Africa.
Julian Abramson of Fynbos Fine Foods said upon his arrival in Moscow that he was looking to collaborate with high-end stores to take-up their preserved and pickled finest produce and products that they grow, dry, smoke and ferment for the local and overseas markets at their Western Cape premises.
Furthermore, the CFR is an arid biome characterized by a matrix of agriculturally transformed landscapes and the native fynbos vegetation, which is characterized by evergreen plants in the Ericaceae, Restionaceae and Proteaceae families.
As the indigenous fynbos returns, it attracts increasing numbers of birds and insects.
South Africa is known for expanses of desert blooms, savannah and grasslands, forests and the fynbos, a Mediterranean shrubland with about 10,000 species.
In addition to whale watching in this World Heritage Site, you can enjoy guided marine walks and hiking trails through 36,000 hectares of rare fynbos vegetation or hop on a bicycle or quad bike and get up close to antelope like bontebok and eland, as well as zebra, baboons and ostriches.