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But Google's G-Day is alive with an infectious optimism and the potential for growth.
According to Rubin, Google will hold an event called "G-Day" in Egypt next October, where they will "meet entrepreneurs and people with interesting ideas and support them.
Attendees at the two-day G-Day Saudi explored Google's technologies through a combination of tech talks, breakout sessions and codelabs run by some of Google's top engineers, product specialists and business managers, a statement said.
I have just a week left before D-day (or should that be G-day?) when I am no longer a student, a freeloader or a Graduand, but a fully fledged Graduate.
Letter Days: A stands for "air" and G for "ground." A-day is the day on which the US began air operations against Iraq, and G-day is the day on which ground troops entered the war.
All are now only waiting for the final ``execute order'' to launch G-Day - the signal to advance and launch the invasion.