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A white poisonous glycoside, C29H44O12, extracted from the seeds of certain African trees of the genera Strophanthus and Acokanthera, that is used as a dart poison in some parts of Africa and has been used to treat congestive heart failure.

[From French ouabaïo, from Somali wabayo.]


(Elements & Compounds) a poisonous white crystalline glycoside extracted from certain trees and used as a heart stimulant and, by some African tribes, on poison darts. Formula: C29H44O12.8H2O
[C19: from French ouabaïo, from Somali waba yo native name of tree]


(wɑˈbɑ ɪn)

a white crystalline glycoside, C29H44O2, extracted from the seeds or wood of certain African trees and used as a poison on the tips of arrows or in medicine as a heart stimulant.
[1890–95 < French ouaba(ïo) (< Somali waabayyo arrow poison) + -in1]
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In contrast, by understanding the real pathophysiological events behind the evolution of MIs, we will be led to a proper "Nourishing Traditions"--style diet, the use of the safe and inexpensive medicine g-strophanthin, and most important, we will be forced to look at how heart disease is a true manifestation of the cost of modern life to human health.
G-strophanthin is an endogenous hormone made in the adrenal cortex from cholesterol, whose production is inhibited by statin drugs, that does two things that are crucial for heart health and are done by no other medicine.