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Verb1.G.I. - clean in preparation for inspection; "the soldiers GIed the barracks"
clean house, houseclean, clean - clean and tidy up the house; "She housecleans every week"
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Don Levine, Hasbro's former head of research and development, is often referred to as the "father" of G.
For those who did not serve duringWorld War II--a population with a vanishing sense of history-- G.
NASDAQ: HAS) officially announced that it will create KRE-O building sets based on the world famous characters and vehicles from its G.
The parachute jump, at 10:30 AM on Friday, August 14, 2009, at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center, marks the official opening of the 16th annual Hasbro International G.
Hasbro created the action figure category in 1964 when it launched its G.
28 marks the official opening of the 14th annual Hasbro International G.
Slaughter to a city that is the home of so many real-life heroes," said Brian Savage, Director of the G.
Lieutenant John Fox was a soldier who put the lives of his own infantry before his own, epitomizing the word 'hero', said Todd Rywolt, Vice President of Marketing for Hasbro's G.
These overnight lane additions provide us with greater opportunities to meet both objectives," noted Bill Reid, G.