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Noun1.George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946)
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In 2006 the Secure Fence Act sailed through Congress with big bipartisan majorities and (Signers included: Biden, Clinton, Schumer and Obama) was signed by G.W. Bush. It allowed for 548 new miles of fencing along the Mexican border.
A Democrat congressman once accused Ronald Reagan of aiming to replace the Bill of Rights with Mein Kampf-born fascist precepts, while an Esquire writer likened Reagan's supporters to the Third Reich's "good Germans." And Keith Olbermann and others called G.W. Bush "fascist." Yet with Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Left's ever-waxing godless immorality, such rhetoric now reigns and rains down continually.
He subsequently analyses the doctrines of the Post-Cold War period, between 1993 and 2017, with Presidents Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush and Barack Obama in charge of the White House.
Only G.W. Bush, Nixon Top Trump's 41% Strong Disapproval Rating
Bush 39 Clinton 107 G.W. Bush 80 Obama 53 Trump 104 Note: Table made from bar graph.
"Graham endorsed and courted Eisenhower and compared a militaristic State of the Union speech to the Sermon on the Mount, fanned anti-Catholic flames in the Nixon-Kennedy contest, backed Johnson and then Nixon in Vietnam, lobbied for arms sales to Saudi Arabia during the Reagan years, conveyed foreign threats and entreaties for Clinton and lent his imprimatur to G.W. Bush as he declared war on terrorism from the pulpit of the National Cathedral.
READING Phil's front-page banner headline on Friday, I had thought that a couple of fighter jets had taken off from the G.W. Bush to bomb a Turkish frigate harassing the West Capella.
After his role as G.W. Bush, Brolin played a fixer in "Hail Caesar!"
CAFE standards have regulated vehicles' fuel economy since 1975, with substantial advancements ordered by both the G.W. Bush and Obama administrations.
The composition of the current Court, and the corresponding nominating President, is John Roberts (G.W. Bush), Anthony Kennedy (R.
Although they professed to be close to the United States and the then G.W. Bush Administration, they were among the most hostile and anti-American of my many contacts from across the political spectrum.
Coefficient Positive Views of the President and Positive Views of the President's Party (a) Clinton 25.6 *** 6.5 .35 ** G.W. Bush 16.3 ** 1.5 .49 *** Obama 13.0 *** 3.3 .54 *** Approval of the President's Job Performance and Favorable Views of the President's Party (b) Clinton 32.0 *** 2.6 .39 *** G.W.