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 (gär′bō), Greta Originally Greta Louisa Gustafsson. 1905-1990.
Swedish-born American actress known for her reclusiveness and her work in such films as Queen Christina (1933) and Camille (1936).


n, pl -bos
informal Austral a dustman
[C20: from garbage]


(Biography) Greta (ˈɡrɛtə), real name Greta Lovisa Gustafson. 1905–90, US film actress, born in Sweden. Her films include Grand Hotel (1932), Queen Christina (1933), Anna Karenina (1935), Camille (1936), and Ninotchka (1939)


(ˈgɑr boʊ)

Greta (Greta Lovisa Gustaffson), 1905–90, U.S. film actress, born in Sweden.
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Noun1.Garbo - United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)Garbo - United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)
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