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greatest common divisor


or g.c.d.,

greatest common divisor.
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proved the security of their scheme under the complexity assumptions of the many Diffie-Hellman (Many-DH) and the generalized computational Diffie-Hellman (GCDH) problems.
Glutaric aciduria Type I (GA-I, OMIM 231669) is a rare metabolic disorder of autosomal recessive inheritance caused by deficient or nonfunctional glutaryl-coenzyme A (CoA) dehydrogenase (GCDH).
La enfermedad es causada por deficiencia congenita de la glutaril Co-A deshidrogenasa (GCDH), enzima encargada de la degradacion de L-lisina, L-hidroxilisina y L-triptofano (4,5).