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A University of Cyprus (UCy) decision to transfer back private-school students who had been accepted at third-level institutions abroad based on their GCE results, violates the law, Education Minister Costas Kadis said on Monday.
Following the transaction, the acquired business will be majority-owned by GCE and will concentrate on converting into a top aggregator of spent catalytic converters from end of life vehicles, which are rich in Platinum Group Precious Metals (PGM).
A bare or modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE, d = 3 mm) was used as working electrode; a saturated calomel electrode (SCE) and a platinum wire electrode were used as reference electrode and auxiliary electrode, respectively.
The GCE made significant improvements on the pre-war School Certificate, which it replaced in the early 1950s.
The MWCNT-modified glassy carbon electrode has indicated a higher sensitivity toward SG and serves as a more efficient electro-catalyst for oxidation of SG in comparison with a bare GCE. As another part of their study, the researchers have carried out a detailed cyclic voltammetry, along with other analyses, to evaluate the transfer coefficient, the heterogeneous rate constant and the diffusion coefficient for SG compound.
"Health and safety standards are imperative to Servest and their client, so we had to provide them with one of the highest quality, safest and most reliable machines at a reasonable rate and the Sentinel road sweepers fitted the bill perfectly," says Hilton van Vuuren, GCE Industrial Sales Specialist.
Cyprus state universities deciding to offer vacant places to private school students with international grades like GCE A Levels is opposed by teacher and student unions.
The relentless attack launched on the University of Cyprus and the Technological University by the school teachers unions Oelmek, Oltek and Poed regarding the allocation of vacant places for students with GCE and international qualifications, which does not affect the ones allocated for state school students, should be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.
All measures are in place to conduct the Grade 5 scholarship and the GCE Advanced Level examinations, the Depart of examinations said.