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Children who failed all the scholarship attended Newham Grange Secondary Modern School which had a GCE stream for pupils whom staff assessed could succeed.
The popularity of many of our GCSE and GCE qualifications in England as well as Wales has put us in a sound financial position, enabling us to benefit from some economies of scale, and also to be involved in valuable wider policy discussions.
"When I was 16 he flew us to Los Angeles as a treat for passing my GCEs. I sat up front during that trip and by the time we touched down I knew what I wanted to do.
As students receive the results of Leaving Certificate, GCSE and GCEs, the last thing they want to hear is some smart-ass telling them that their results were only good because ex`am standards have been lowered.
The exams they had passed -- the International Baccalaureate or GCEs -- and the names of the universities which admitted them, all reputable universities in England, are available on the website of the University of Cyprus.
Admit that not all children are equal and go back to the 11-plus system, grammar schools and hard GCEs. That way at least some of our children would benefit from education.
"I learnt touch-typing quickly and by the end of nine months I had sat, and passed, several GCEs by using the typewriter."
It doesn't matter if they've got any GCEs against their name, they could be deaf and dumb but if they can get the best out of people that's all that matters.
Those of us who did GCEs and cranked ourselves up in the final year at school, really should have more sympathy for the current crop of pupils who are subjected to a constant stream of exams and modules that mean noses to the grindstone for three solid years from 15 to 18 and no acknowledgment of how tough it all is.
Having left school in England at 16 with 14 GCEs, Paul worked in BBC production, did a stint in a bookies and worked as a bar manager before joining the cabin staff of an airline.
After leaving school at 16 with just three GCEs, Michael enrolled at Birmingham College of Art and Crafts to study for an art teacher's diploma.
I went to a good all-girl school in Burnley, Lancashire, run by nuns, and passed all my GCEs. I fancied becoming a primary school teacher, but I knew Mum needed me to earn some money, so I left at 17 and got a job as an assistant wages clerk in a textile company.