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A trademark for a battery of standardized tests used as a qualification for a high school equivalency credential.


general equivalency diploma


general equivalency diploma.
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The program includes everything an employee needs to successfully prepare for and pass the GED test.
But changes made to the GED test in 2014 have led to nine times fewer Mississippians passing the test.
It discriminates against the economically disadvantaged and the minorities who don't have access to technology," said Alan Dodd, a Fort Worth GED instructor.
That is one of the major premises of a newly released book, Americas Forgotten Student Population: Creating a Path to College Success for GED Completers (Stylus Publishing, LLC).
Charlotte, North Carolina-based GED provides EPC construction, project feasibility and technical design services, among others, and delivers projects in Massachusetts, New Mexico, Colorado and California.
In 1942, Ralph Tyler headed an advisory committee to the Army Institute that selected five tests from the Iowa Test of Educational Development to form the first GED test.
The GED should never be more than an alternate path to college and a career.
Scott Wallner, the assistant community education director for the district, which includes two high schools, says, "Eventually we get them through the door as a result of the online GED course.
Students will not be able to "combine" subsection scores for the GED between the 2002 series and the new 2014 series.
of New York at New Paltz) examines the relationships between federal, state, and local education policies; the use of the GED credential; and the school pushout in New York City, in which youth are compelled to leave school by people or factors inside it.
Once again, he found himself at the unemployment office, but this time he made the decision to get his GED certificate and training in a more lucrative field.
The authors find that the growth in the popularity of the GED is in contrast with low average labor market returns.