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(word root) earth, land
Examples of words with the root geo-: geography
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(ˈdʒiːəʊ) or


n, pl geos or gios
(Physical Geography) (esp in Shetland) a small fjord or gully
[C18: from Old Norse gjā ravine; related to Old English gionian to yawn]
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B Franklin Thomas Mifflin Robt Morris Geo. Clymer Thos FitzSimons Jared Ingersoll James Wilson Gouv Morris
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Not all unavenged did they die, for with Lean Wolf fell Alf Mason, to disturb the Spanish Main no more, and among others who bit the dust were Geo. Scourie, Chas.
Prichard, President Charleston National Bank; Geo. S.
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Geos was found in France by David Minton on behalf of the Thurloe Finsbury syndicate, fronted by James Stafford.
Geos' MyGlobalTalk application and shoot it!'s mobile post office service together will allow customers to communicate visually and verbally.
The Commonwealth has also delayed signing the Biosafety Protocol, which guards the environment during the international transfers of GEOs.
Esri's new Associate member status acknowledges Esri's supportive involvement with GEO over the last six years, which has included the development of interoperability between GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) and ArcGIS Online, allowing global information in open data sites built on the Esri platform to be available to everyone in GEO and permitting Esri users to search the GEOSS Portal as well.
GEO Satellite Comprehensive Study by Application (Commercial Communications, Earth Observation, Navigation, Military Surveillance, Others), Orbit (Geosynchronous Orbits, Geostationary Orbits), Weight (500 kg) Players and Region - Global Market Outlook to 2024