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A measure of the degree to which a conductor or semiconductor changes its electrical resistance when a magnetic field is applied.

mag·ne′to·re·sis′tive (-tĭv) adj.


(mægˌni toʊ rɪˈzɪs təns)

a change in the electrical resistance of a material exposed to a magnetic field.
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Megawide is a local contractor that has diversified into infrastructure while GMR operates the New Delhi and Istanbul airports.
GMR) on 18th September 2014, requires GMR to arrange financial closure within 2 years.
The key takeaway from GMR: The interim license was negotiated by both GMR and RMLC.
For the NOMS portfolio, GMR's assumption of the purchase contract will be effective if GMR elects to proceed with the closing and reimburses the assignor's earnest money deposit by September 30, 2016, which is the expected closing date for the initial five buildings in the portfolio.
AFTER initial posturing by the Delhi and District Cricket Association ( DDCA), it is ready to sign with GMR Sports a crucial agreement that would enable the Capital to host the IPL matches beginning next month.
Over the next 12 months, GMR and JBIC will work on identifying projects to attract Japanese investments.
GMR, a subsidiary of Bangalore-based GMR Infrastructure Limited has been given seven days to leave the Indian Ocean island chain.
150 crore1non fund based limits of GMR Energy Limited (GMR Energy).
GMR has been turning its focus to increased investment demands in its native country, people familiar with the matter said.
The GMR Group beat the Aeroport De Paris (that operates airports in Paris region including Charles de Gaulles) to win the bid to construct the $360-million airport in Male.
1 billion during 2009, covering petroleum products, iron and steel and soft commodities including rice and tea, The DMCCA-operated electronic warehouse receipt system also added enhanced features to cover the pledge of commodities held in vessels within UAE territorial waters in favour of the financier, further expanding the appeal of the GMR.
Malcolm Wall Morris, chief executive officer - DMCCA, said the GMR has been seeing a growing response from financiers and commodities traders alike, especially in these difficult economic times when robust mechanisms for managing and mitigating risk are considered an imperative to financing working capital.