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n.1.Haste; ardent desire to go.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Here they may resemble those great hordes of the North, "Gog and Magog with their bands," that haunted the gloomy imaginations of the prophets.
With this, the poor soul, who had a heart big enough for Gog, the guardian genius of London, and enough to spare for Magog to boot, after making a great many extraordinary faces which would have secured her an ample fortune, could she have transferred them to ivory or canvas, sat down in a corner, and had what she termed 'a real good cry.'
My gog, but it'll be a quare scowderment at the Day of Judgment when they come tumblin' up in their death-sarks, all jouped together an' trying' to drag their tombsteans with them to prove how good they was, some of them trimmlin' an' dithering, with their hands that dozzened an' slippery from lyin' in the sea that they can't even keep their gurp o' them."
ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES is very generally looked upon as the Gog of the prophet Ezekiel.
Casaubon's theory of the elements which made the seed of all tradition was not likely to bruise itself unawares against discoveries: it floated among flexible conjectures no more solid than those etymologies which seemed strong because of likeness in sound until it was shown that likeness in sound made them impossible: it was a method of interpretation which was not tested by the necessity of forming anything which had sharper collisions than an elaborate notion of Gog and Magog: it was as free from interruption as a plan for threading the stars together.
You will not have forgotten that Gog looks to the right and Magog to the left."
There were personal bests for the likes of Phil Stevenson of Holyhead CC (24.36), Helen Griffiths of ACG (31.31), Paula Turner of Conwy Valley Vixons (33.17) and GOG members Sion Jones (27.15) and Emma Hughes-Marshall (28.30).
Dakuku said the GoG countries were facing serious security challenges that had affected their economies severely and, therefore, needed global support and cooperation to tackle the problem.
Additionally, within 30 days therefrom Block will pay a further USD 500,000 in cash which shall by applied by GOG to subscribe for new ordinary shares in Block priced at the 30 day Volume Weighted Average Price ('VWAP') calculated as at the day preceding the day of issue, subject to a minimum issue price of 4p per new ordinary share.
'Further, the total disbursement covered by GoG was about 13% of the total amount budgeted for 2018.
The bonds are secured by a mortgage on GOG's facilities, a gross revenue pledge, and a debt service reserve fund.