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n.1.See Gree, a step.
1.See Gree, good will.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Those who had never heard of Gobseck would have felt, on reading words which compelled him to whom they were addressed to obey, yet gave no order, the presence of the implacable money- lender of the rue des Gres. Like a dog called to heel by the huntsman, des Lupeaulx left his present quest and went immediately to his own rooms, thinking of his hazardous position.
Hence GRE or GAT has no relevance to be a pre- or post- condition for PhD.
GRE is working on resort exchange platform across the globe.
With GRE's launch, families in Pakistan can spend their vacation within Pakistan and outside Pakistan to create lifetime of memories with the cost-effective Happily Vacation Ownership System.
"The KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship will shine a spotlight on all of the businesses and entrepreneurs in Rochester that make our region the top place for talent, collaboration and economic success," Matt Hurlbutt, president and CEO of GRE, said in a news release.
The bonds are secured by a first lien on substantially all of GRE's tangible assets and certain intangible assets, including its generation and transmission (G&T) facilities and its wholesale power and transmission service contracts with its members.
Ladite tranche sera remboursable par amortissements lineaires annuels de 10 ans (10 echeances) et portera sur un montant maximum de 500 MDH avec une valeur nominale de 100 000 DH par obligation; soit a taux revisable annuellement, et negociable de gre a gre (non cotee) avec une prime de risque comprise entre 110 et 120 points de base.
Talent Farming is scheduled four times a year under 'Call for GRE Training' at Islamabad and four provincial capitals through three programme components, namely orientation, workshop about higher education in the US, and Five-Week GRE Training.
A survey published by Robert Half Legal revealed that 21 percent of lawyers think law schools should accept the GRE, but 56 percent said no and 24 percent didn't know.
The Graduate Record Examination _ the GRE _ is the test almost everyone who wants to enter graduate school must take.