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The gargantuan power required to set GRO J1655-40 into motion most likely came from a supernova that created the pair, asserts I.
To the bitter end, GRO scientists maintained that the craft could operate reliably with just one gyroscope, but the space agency said that strategy would pose too high a risk to human life (SN: 4/22/00, p.
The satellite could rely on its magnetometers and sun sensors for navigation, and setting GRO slowly spinning would allow for a controlled reentry, Goddard engineers have proposed.
The GRO map indicates, however, that the high-altitude radiation connects with the radiation at the galactic center.
According to Jeff Wolfe, CEO of GRO: "Adding HelioPower as a partner to the GRO dealer network provides both greater strength of operations and broader geographic coverage.
Gamma radiation from the sun is thus too faint to be detected by the GRO telescope, except when turbulent activity triggers a solar flare.
But the new object, formally dubbed GRO J1744-28, manages to combine both behaviors.
GRO recently hosted a training event for approximately 30 installers, engineers, sales and dealer representatives on selling, installing and interfacing with GridPoint's products.
By placing staff on the ground in Massachusetts, GRO will bring its high level of expertise in residential and small commercial solar to the people and businesses of the Bay State.
In analyzing more than 700 bursts detected by GRO, astronomers now report that 60 relatively dim flashes last about twice as long, on average, as 46 of the brightest.
the company that built GRO, believed that the boost would go smoothly.
The agreement calls for Evergreen Solar to ship approximately $88 million of photovoltaic modules to GRO over the next four years.