graft-versus-host disease

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graft-ver·sus-host disease

(grăft′vûr′səs-hōst′, -səz-)
A condition in which cells from the transplanted tissue of a donor initiate an immunologic attack on the cells and tissue of the recipient.

graft′-ver`sus-host′ disease`

a reaction in which the cells of transplanted tissue immunologically attack the cells of the host.
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These findings were consistent with an important role of [T.sub.reg] cells in inducing strong GVT effects and mild GVH effects in HSCT + TT [27].
Endoscopic modalities including endoscopic injection of N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate (GVO) and band ligation (GVL) have been successful for treating GVH in many clinical centers owing to the availability and relative effectiveness of these methods [8, 9].
Indeed, his reputation traversed several villages to reach the compound in which I was living in the area of a different GVH. Catherine's latest difficulties with Mayeso surprised nobody there.
The group is comprised of Infostrada Sports Group, NLbuzz, TV Everywhere, DutchView, ParkPost, TEAM ENG, Chain, Avi-Drome and GVH Connect (former Glasvezelring Hilversum).Country: NetherlandsSector: Computer SoftwareTarget: The SaintsBuyer: Consolidated Media IndustriesType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
CAIRO: Global Voice Hall (GVH), a free membership-driven web-based social news platform, will broadcast its first Pangaea Forum in the Middle East on April 24 from the American University in Cairo.
The new GVH Series wire-to-board, crimp style disconnectable connectors recently introduced by JST Corporation offer subminiature size and reliable contact construction for high density applications.
The GVH Series wire-to-board, crimp style disconnectable connectors offer subminiature size and reliable contact construction for high density applications.
The G band was attributed to an in-plane [E.sub.2g] zone-center mode, and the D and D' bands were ascribed to disorder-induced modes in the PVA-MWCNTs [26, 27], Generally, the degree of MWCNTs' alignment could be evaluated by the ratio of the intensities of G bands in the two polarization directions, GVv/ GvH, which was known as depolarization factor R [28-31].
host (GvH) disease and graft rejection; cell therapy to prevent leukemia relapse; modalities to improve immune reconstitution after transplantation; clinical studies on boosting thymus output or using adoptive transfer of immunity against infectious agents or malignant cells; and new approaches to induce immune tolerance towards organ transplantation by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
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