graft-versus-host disease

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graft-ver·sus-host disease

(grăft′vûr′səs-hōst′, -səz-)
A condition in which cells from the transplanted tissue of a donor initiate an immunologic attack on the cells and tissue of the recipient.

graft′-ver`sus-host′ disease`

a reaction in which the cells of transplanted tissue immunologically attack the cells of the host.
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However, patients will not require any immunosuppressive drugs throughout the whole and after microtransplantation treatment as there is no GVHD effect.
When chronic GVHD develops after stem cell transplantation, the result is a substantial decrease in the patient's quality of life," said Stefan Miltenyi, president and founder of Miltenyi Biotec.
Treatment for this patient's mild GVHD included continued systemic immunosuppression with prednisone as well as local therapy.
The primary efficacy objective of the study, that would commence during first half of 2013, is the estimation of the proportion of subjects with chronic GI GVHD who achieve a complete response, partial response and overall response of GI GVHD signs and symptoms upon treating with orBec for over 16 weeks.
Risk factors for developing GVHD after solid organ transplantation include donor HLA homozygosity, periorgan lymphoid tissue transfer, and the relationship between recipient immunogenicity and the immunosuppressive drug regimen.
Upon reexamination 2-3 months after disease induction, autoantibodies characteristic of chronic GVHD were found to have become significantly elevated in surviving iHg-treated mice, but no markers characteristic of iHg-associated autoimmunity were seen.
Highlights Key Questions Answered - How will the GVHD market landscape change within the 2013-2018 forecast period in the 6MM?
The researchers now report that 52 people who had severe GVHD after a previous bone marrow transplant have undergone the novel procedure.
Scope - The Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GVHD) EpiCast Report provides an overview of the risk factors, comorbidities, and the global and historical trends for the diagnosed incidence of hematopoietic stem cell transplantations (HSCTs) (including first, multiple, and re-transplants), segmented by transplant type (autologous and allogeneic), and the diagnosed incident cases of GVHD in the six major markets (6MM) (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK).