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(ˈɡɑːbə) ,




(Other Non-Christian Religions) a member of an Iranian religious sect practising a modern version of Zoroastrianism
(Other Non-Christian Religions) of, relating to, or characterizing the Gabar sect or its beliefs
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It is ancestral language of the Gabar Khel clan and falls in Dardic, the sub-group of Indo-Aryan languages.
Address : Viotorta Cross Vijeta Gabar singh Urja Bhawan
Em seu depoimento, ele vai se gabar de que e maravilhoso estar nesse momento no lugar do condutor do programa, porque ele tem supostamente o poder de decisao sobre "a vida e a morte", isto e, a permanencia ou a eliminacao dos outros participantes: "E eu vou jogar este jogo tao estrategicamente quanto eu possa", complementa.
The soldiers were involved in a hand grenade attack during an operation against PKK militants in Gabar Mountain area, the source said, adding the wounded soldiers were taken to the Sirnak State Hospital.
A gente nao sabe o criterio, eu nunca faltei e recebi a promocao, mas ai meu colega veio se gabar que faltou um monte e tambem ganhou.
Vice Chairman Agri Forum Pakistan Rao Asfar, Rana Amjid and others addressing a press conference said that thousands of villagers at Pattan Khanwa, Kandai, Mochiwala, Ghuggiwala, Deraywala, Gabar Araen and Beat Bhag Shah, used boats for their movement from one bank of another at river Indus.
In Sirnak province bordering Iraq, several Turkish attack helicopters bombed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets near Cudi and Gabar mountains in support of land troops carrying out operations in the area.
The 5 cases of oviductal prolapse comprised 2 peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinas), 1 red-naped shaheen (Falco pelegrinoides babylonicus), 1 prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus), and 1 gabar goshawk (Micronisus gabar) that required coelomic surgery.
Proposed Zernike moment based phase encoding of iris features and feature extraction by Gabar filter.
Saturi, wife of Gabar Singh Negi -- a Victorian Cross recipient -- was illiterate.
Rana Ebrahim Gabar Image Credit: Courtesy: Roadstar Riyaz Mar Gul Image Credit: Courtesy: Roadstar By Maria Botros, Staff Reporter