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(ˈɡɑːbə) ,




(Other Non-Christian Religions) a member of an Iranian religious sect practising a modern version of Zoroastrianism
(Other Non-Christian Religions) of, relating to, or characterizing the Gabar sect or its beliefs
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"During World War I, Rifleman Gabar Singh Negi of 2 Garhwal Rifles was awarded Victoria Cross (Posthumously), the highest gallantry award possible in the Royal Indian Army.
The FFC was headed by Senior Consultants, Salah Abdel Rahim Higair and Brigadier (Police) Mohamed Ali Abdel Gabar as rapporteur, representatives for the 4th Division infantry, and a representative for each of, justice police and security apparatuses in the state.
BAGHDAD (NINA) - Turkish interior ministry said "Two PKK militants, including a leader on the "gray list" of those wanted, have been killed in a military operation southeast of the country,." The ministry said in a statement that Mohammed Shirin Arslan, nicknamed "Chiktar", is one of the two gunmen killed earlier on Sunday in Gabar Mountain in the state of Chernak.
Some of the words and expressions used by Jews began to be used over time by non-Jewish speakers, being incorporated into the current use of Papiamentu; these include such words as tinzji 'to dye' (< Portuguese tingir), chalala (< Portuguese charlar) 'to gossip' and gaba (< Portuguese gabar) 'to flaunt'.
A pair of predators swoop into the trees ndash its the Gabar goshawk ndash a small bird of prey thats found in Africa and Arabia.
Another three PKK terrorists were neutralized in the eastern Gabar mountain region on Sunday.
It is ancestral language of the Gabar Khel clan and falls in Dardic, the sub-group of Indo-Aryan languages.
Furthermore, more specific results based on the different GABAR subunits need to be expanded to better identify each function in FXS.
C9 Sirnak: Cizre, the intersection of Cudi and Gabar Mountains, Kasrik pass, rock crevices, 423 m, 37[degrees]23'46.09" N, 42[degrees]10'35.77" E, 20 October 2013, M.
Em seu depoimento, ele vai se gabar de que e maravilhoso estar nesse momento no lugar do condutor do programa, porque ele tem supostamente o poder de decisao sobre "a vida e a morte", isto e, a permanencia ou a eliminacao dos outros participantes: "E eu vou jogar este jogo tao estrategicamente quanto eu possa", complementa.
The soldiers were involved in a hand grenade attack during an operation against PKK militants in Gabar Mountain area, the source said, adding the wounded soldiers were taken to the Sirnak State Hospital.
A gente nao sabe o criterio, eu nunca faltei e recebi a promocao, mas ai meu colega veio se gabar que faltou um monte e tambem ganhou.