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Shelagh has won awards at Inverclyde's Scottish Folk & Roots Festival, the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections and she shared stages with Alastair McDonald, Gaberlunzie, Rab Noakes, Archie Fisher, Jez Lowe, James Keelaghan, Sylvia Barnes, Siobhan Miller, James Grant and Maisie Peters.
Stirling County RFC, Bridgehaugh GABERLUNZIE: Stirling Folk Club welcomes the popular duo Gordon Menzies and Robin Watson who have been entertaining audiences for 50 years.
Scottish folk band Gaberlunzie will mark their 50th anniversary with a gig in Airdrie next month.
Gaberlunzie singer Gordon Menzies said:"We will be very happy to welcome all the friends we have made over the years to share the 50th anniversary concert in Airdrie; we will be there with Jimmy the Scaffy."
Faced with an extensive short-list of 68 songs, ranging from more traditional offerings from Gaberlunzie and The Corries to more modern tunes from The Ramones and Fatboy Slim, the Tartan Army have plumped for the tracks that have got Hampden jumping at matches for years.
Exiled from his own sheepfold, Adamson's final outrage is committed against a "gaberlunzie," Parle Maxwell, who "came up to the folds for his annual bequest of a fleece of wool, which had never before been denied him" (633).
Handsomely lettered and with a Grecian urn, it is inscribed 'in Memory of George Wilson Alias PUDDIN died 1853, the celebrated Gaberlunzie (beggar)' (McWilliam 1978: 95-6).
185] holds the view that: "There are women always in the market ready to buy for themselves the right to hang on the arm of a real gentleman." Undecimus Scott, the eleventh child of Lord Gaberlunzie in The Three Clerks [Trollope, 1858b, Vol.
Popular Scottish folk duo Gaberlunzie will play a concert at Airdrie's Sir John Wilson town hall next month - and tickets are on sale now.
Lady Wardlaw's Hardyknute of 1719 is another good example, as is David Mallet's William and Margaret of 1725; James V was supposed to have written The Gaberlunzie Man and The Jolly Beggar.
I WOULD like to obtain a copy of a cassette called Scotland Again by Gaberlunzie. I will pay any costs involved.
For the "Gaberlunzie" - Scots for wanderer - will soon be hitting the road to take them into town.