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(ˈɡɑːbɛs; French ɡabɛs)
1. (Placename) a port in E Tunisia. Pop: 116 000 (2005 est)
2. (Placename) Gulf of Gabès an inlet of the Mediterranean on the E coast of Tunisia
Ancient name: Syrtis Minor Arabic name: Qabis


(ˈgɑ bɛs)

Gulf of, a gulf of the Mediterranean on the E coast of Tunisia.
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TUNIS (TAP) - Chairman of Portuguese cement plant "SECIL" Sergio Martins conveyed to Industry and Trade Minister Mohamed Lamine Chakhari, the group's concerns about work stoppage in the Gabes factory bought by the company in 1998.
Launch the fight against atmospheric sulfur pollution at the port of Gabes and implement a forestation programme around the Gabes chemical industries plants.
GABES (TAP) - The industrial area of Gabes has recovered gradually its usual production pace after the resumption of activity in plants of the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) and industrial companies based in the region.
GABES (TAP) - The fight against pollution, the preservation of Gabes oasis and its listing in the UNESCO world heritage are the main recommendations of a symposium held January issues 21-22 in Gabes by "Gabes Al Oufok" (Gabes prospects) association for sustainable development.
GABES, (TAP)- Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki, on Thursday, said the environmental situation in the city of Gabes is "considered disastrous" and the state "must assume its responibility and swiftly address the situation.