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Noun1.Gaboriau - French writer considered by some to be a founder of the detective novel (1832-1873)
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The books he liked were queer; sometimes I would find him poring over the poems of Mallarme, and he read them as a child reads, forming the words with his lips, and I wondered what strange emotion he got from those subtle cadences and obscure phrases; and again I found him absorbed in the detective novels of Gaboriau. I amused myself by thinking that in his choice of books he showed pleasantly the irreconcilable sides of his fantastic nature.
Di conseguenza, puo essere utile dividere il protogiallo italiano in filoni iniziati dalle traduzioni dei "capostipiti" del poliziesco internazionale, ossia, nello specifico dai Mysteres de Paris di Eugene Sue; dalle avventure del poliziotto di Emile Gaboriau, Monsieur Lecoq; dal celeberrimo detective nato dalla fantasia di Arthur Conan Doyle; dai criminali-protagonisti Arthur J.
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Se ocupaba de Sherlock Holmes, por supuesto, pero tambien del Monsieur Lecoq de Emile Gaboriau y del Dupin de Edgar Allan Poe, personajes que a esas alturas eran viejos conocidos de los lectores portenos (Lafforgue y Rivera 1996: 13; Laplaza 1945: 48-49; Setton 2009: 282; 2015).
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Sims deftly shows Holmes to be a product of Doyle's varied adventures in his personal and professional life, as well as built out of the traditions of Edgar Allan Poe, Emile Gaboriau, Wilkie Collins, and Charles Dickens--not just a skillful translator of clues, but a veritable superhero of the mind in the tradition of Doyle's esteemed teacher.
He explores American crime writers like Charles Brockden Brown, Edgar Allan Poe, American women writers like Anna Katherine Green, and Wilkie Collins; early French contributions by Eugene Francois Vidocq, Paul Feval, [ETH]mile Gaboriau, and others; English short stories from the 1830s to the 1850s; female authors and detectives in Victorian England, as well as male responses; the move of mainstream novelists towards crime fiction, such as Charles Dickens; Fergus Hume's The Mystery of a Hansom Cab; and imperial crime in early works by Arthur Conan Doyle.
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