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(Italian ɡabrɪˈɛli) or


1. (Biography) Andrea (anˈdrɛːa). 1520–86, Italian organist and composer; chief organist of St Mark's, Venice
2. (Biography) his nephew, Giovanni (dʒoˈvanni). 1558–1612, Italian organist and composer


or Ga•bri•el•li

(ˌgɑ briˈɛl i, ˈgæb ri-)

Giovanni, 1557–1612, Italian organist and composer.
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Total seaborne thermal coal exports were expected to rise about 15 million metric tons (mt) in 2017 while imports are forecast to increase about 7 million mt, resulting in an 8-million-mt surplus that will have to find a home, said Mercuria Director-Dry Bulk and Energy Specialist Fabio Gabrieli.
Following the addition of Fitzgerald, the company's board of directors now consists of seven members, including Christopher Gabrieli, Elaine Hochberg, Sandford Smith, Stanley Crooke, Lynne Parshall and Paula Soteropoulos.
He is Musical Director of the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir, the Irish Youth Choir and the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland, Deputy Artistic Director of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and Choral Director for the Gabrieli Consort and Players' education initiative, Gabrieli ROAR.
The finding suggests that this type of scan could be used to identify children whose risk previously was unknown, allowing them to undergo treatment before developing depression, says coauthor John Gabrieli, professor of brain and cognitive sciences and a member of MIT's Institute for Brain Research.
The translation, by Simona Gabrieli, will sooncome out from Gabrieli's own publishing house, Alifabata .
We can see it not only in test scores, in educational attainment, but within the brains of these children," says MIT's John Gabrieli, the Grover M.
Martin West and Christopher Gabrieli, Harvard University; Matthew Kraft, Brown University; Amy Finn, Rebecca
The Edizione nazionale delle opere di Andrea Gabrieli (hereinafter, Opere) represents an important contribution to a fairly small body of scholarship focused on the life and works of Andrea Gabrieli.
The program spanned three centuries of choral music, from the important Venetian composer Giovanni Gabrieli to the 20th-century Englishman John Rutter.
Renaissance music is pure joy and emotion in sound and these works by Gabrieli, Josquin, De Rore and Praetorius are a wonderful experience for singer and listener alike," he said.
Gabrieli, a cognitive neuroscientist at MIT, where Molaison participated in years of studies until his death in 2008.
8220;I hope site visitors come away with an appreciation of just how amazing people are,” says Professor John Gabrieli, who developed the course.