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(Italian ɡabrɪˈɛli) or


1. (Biography) Andrea (anˈdrɛːa). 1520–86, Italian organist and composer; chief organist of St Mark's, Venice
2. (Biography) his nephew, Giovanni (dʒoˈvanni). 1558–1612, Italian organist and composer


or Ga•bri•el•li

(ˌgɑ briˈɛl i, ˈgæb ri-)

Giovanni, 1557–1612, Italian organist and composer.
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Regional Adviser Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO Dr Albis Francesco Gabrielli shared the global perspective of STH, its consequences and need of de-worming.
Joseph Layon, Andrea Gabrielli, Mihae Yu, and Kenneth E.
The two-page directive was penned by police chief Franco Gabrielli and sent to stations around Italy on Friday, calling for local officers to find and deport immigrants.
Italian police chief Franco Gabrielli dismissed the accusations, saying his officers, who work alongside EU officials and human rights groups in the migration centres, had shown enormous responsibility in dealing with the crisis.
She will report to John Gabrielli, SVP and head of Human Resources.
The meeting also took place in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio Gabrielli Cacia and a number of senior bishops and patriarchs.
This evidence supports the idea that human impact on the environment was widespread even before the Industrial Revolution," says Paolo Gabrielli, research scientist at OSU's Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center and corresponding author of the study.
Published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the finding "supports the idea that human impact on the environment was widespread even before the industrial revolution," according to study coauthor Paolo Gabrielli of Ohio State University.
players are Shepherd Hill's Mike Rapoza, Oxford's Shawn McCarthy, Quabbin's Marco Gabrielli, Joe Saba of St.
President of the International Forum of the Norwegian Labour Party, Kim Gabrielli stressed his country's willingness to support Tunisia to ensure the success of the electoral process through a logistic and material support likely to hold democratic and transparent elections.