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A traditional Rwandan system of justice in which local community members are allowed to testify freely, without the participation of lawyers, and cases are decided by a panel of judges chosen from the community.

[Kinyarwanda gacaaca, patch of Bermuda grass, gacaca, diminutive of umucaaca, Bermuda grass (which grows in the open spaces where such courts are conducted.]
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This book examines unintended consequences of institutional transitional justice cases, including truth commissions in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Peru, Kenya, and East Timor; international tribunals in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda; internationalized tribunals in Cambodia, East Timor, and Sierra Leone; cases and programs in the International Criminal Court; and other truth-seeking official entities, such as the gacaca court in Rwanda and the Commission of Truth and Friendship in Indonesia and East Timor.
The process of forgiveness therefore has a tendency to become self-evident, and as Fisher and Mitchell have noticed, these acts of forgiveness are not connected to actual worship or to any sacramental discussion of absolution, and only loosely to the Gacaca court system.
He also recalled the important role of the Gacaca court -- a nationwide people's judicial system- established by the Rwandan Government in the process of healing.
Gacaca courts. Traditionally a conflict resolution system run by elders within Rwandan communities, the Gacaca court system was formally established in 2005 to address the thousands accused of genocide crimes still awaiting trial.
The Gacaca court proceedings taking place in Rwanda during that time also suggest that the country's amendments to its Transfer Law were more a facade than genuine progress.
At the cell level, the entire adult population constitutes the "council" that elects the cell level gacaca "court" and "coordination council." The gacaca court issues decisions, while the "coordination council" directs the court's activities.
(165) The official gacaca court system operated in three stages: (166) information gathering, (167) categorization of crimes (168) and judgment.
(195) Yet, despite mandated attendance at gacaca court, (196) participation has declined significantly, suggesting a shift in attitudes.
Resolution 955 establishing the International Criminal Tribunal (ICTR), the Gacaca Court, the new constitution's infrastructural provisions to prevent the resurgence of ethnic violence (2002), and the Special Domestic Courts.
The delegation met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Gacaca court officials, the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, and church leaders from the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.
And you agree not to take any pictures or make either video or audio recordings of the Gacaca court proceedings."