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n.1.(Zool.) A small British fish (Motella argenteola) of the Cod family.
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They complied and it was believed the matter was resolved, said Gade.
The fisherman, Niels Gade, sent a letter to the address written inside, asking a series of pressing questions such as when the bottle was sent.
Although Lin Dan is already 31 he is still good enough to win the 2016 Olympics, Gade believes, and capable of regaining the All-England title this week, despite being seeded only fifth.
And who knows what carburetor was originally on this Gade engine when it left the factory.
Henrik Gade Jepsen held forth on his Facebook fan page about his 'exceptional' portfolio construction skills, while David Neal sold bathing suit pictures of his manager lineup to The Telegraph in Sydney for AUS$2 million.
Gade warned that there were some signs of the mistakes that had been made in the run up to the crash in 2009.
Curiosity may have killed the proverbial cat, but for Gade (emeritus, geography, U.
The present volume, edited by Kari Ellen Gade from Indiana University in Bloomington, aims at providing a critical edition along with English translation and notes of the corpus of Scandinavian poetry from the Middle Ages (excluding only the Poetic Edda and closely related poetry).
The Orchestra performed a symphony titled / Echoes of Ossian/ by Danish Composer Niels Gade, in addition to a symphony dubbed /London/ by British Composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.
AMPET[R] is an environmentally-friendly alternative which offers the possibility of completely new and innovative designs," says Faerch Plast's CEO Lars Gade Hansen.
Wayne Gade, PhD, MT(ASCP), Associate Professor, Clinical Lab Science Program, University of Illinois Springfield, Springfield, IL
Danish Defence Minister, Soeren Gade, said allies will not increase troop levels until they are assured the new government in Kabul is committed to the international effort.