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n.1.(Zool.) A small British fish (Motella argenteola) of the Cod family.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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According to the FIR filed on June 23, Gade allegedly had a property dispute with the Army official.
The contractor, Plain, Wisconsin-based Edward Kraemer & Sons, had "a different approach" to how it would deconstruct and rebuild the deck of the 2,770-foot long bridge, Gade said.
His mother was then found dead by officers at the address in Gade Close and police treated the incident as "suspicious".
The gaze data recorded by an eye tracker are then exploited to generate three gaze deviation (GaDe) maps, based on the fixation accuracies of left-eye gaze points, right-eye gaze points, and center points of two eyes, respectively.
They complied and it was believed the matter was resolved, said Gade. But when the husband left the village on Friday on some work, his wife was attacked.
Gade was among the hundreds who trooped to the City Hall on Monday to submit requirements for the P5,000 in financial assistance to those who were wounded during Yolanda.
The fisherman, Niels Gade, sent a letter to the address written inside, asking a series of pressing questions such as when the bottle was sent.
Gade's retirement, a couple of years ago, had left a vacuum in Danish badminton with no one in sight to carry forward their legacy.
Although Lin Dan is already 31 he is still good enough to win the 2016 Olympics, Gade believes, and capable of regaining the All-England title this week, despite being seeded only fifth.
Long-time badminton legend Peter Gade has offered a respectful warning to world number one Lee Chong Wei about what is needed to prolong his career.
It turned out to be a 4 hp Gade built in about 1910, one of only nine of the low-base 4 hp Gades known to exist.