n.1.A gadsman.
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6.3--New Urethane Diol Resins for Improved Performance of WB Aminoplast Coatings--Matthew Gadman, King Industries
The origins of the Twelve Tribes of Israel must be traced to Vernon Carrington (1935-2005), also known as Gad, Gadman, or Prophet Gad, who in 1968 started recruiting members into his group.
Gadman told us the purpose is to publish the word and gather the people ...
Yes, technology may be a key component to the answer but it is likely to be only one of the several key components of the strategic solution (Gadman and Cooper, 2005).
For those who have been sprayed by skunks, Bob Gadman of Quincy was selling OdorGone, a mixture that he said removes the scent of just about everything.
The authors would like to thank David Switala and Matthew Gadman for their contributions to this article.