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 (jē′ə) also Gai·a (gā′ə, gī′ə, )
n. Greek Mythology
The goddess of the earth, who bore and married Uranus and became the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a variant of Gaia


(ˈdʒi ə)

the ancient Greek goddess of the earth and mother of the Titans.
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Noun1.Gaea - (Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythologyGaea - (Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


[ˈdʒiːə] nGaia
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In a remarkable rural setting near Mclouth, Kansas, the 168-acre Gaea Retreat Center includes cabins and camping areas, walking trails and meeting spaces, a 12-acre lake, and so much more.
They haven't really sold an item like this and instead of dipping a toe in the space they dove in with a wide assortment, which Gaea will support with monthly promos and some EDLP as well as print ads," he says.
In order to implement FAM algorithm described in last section, we relied on the SDR processor for the next generation wireless communication, named GAEA proposed in [11].
A principios de la decada de 1970, y en sintonia con movimientos de otros paises de Europa y America, en Argentina, un grupo de jovenes criticos con la Geografia desarrollada desde GAEA en conjunto con profesores de Uruguay, organizo los Encuentros por la Nueva Geografia (1973-1974).
As the CEO of Gaea, an exporter of authentic Greek produce, I constantly have to assess what the turmoil with the Greek economy means for my business - and for intemation-altradein general.
Mi fydd hi'n nos G'lan Gaea nos Lun nesa ac yn noson rydan ni'n ei chysylltu chwarae triciau.
These include Arnold Bax's left-hand concerto for Harriet Cohen (written for her small hand that barely spanned an octave on the keyboard: another Beschrankungl), Ned Rorem's left-hand concerto for Leon Fleisher, and William Bolcom's Gaea for orchestra and the left hands of two pianists (originally Fleisher and Gary Graffman)--a composition worthy of an entire unit in Sassmann's study, but receiving only a half-paragraph.
2), balance, culture, part de- cease, fault, fend, legate, part, pend, press, spoil, void dis- coloured, guise, miss[i/a]ble (3), section, solution ira- passive, pending, peril, plant, print, prison in- coming, dent, famous, flammable, scribe, take, valuable no- (4) ball, body, contest, hoper, nonsense (non-on sense) non- (4) collegiate (5), entity, event, person, word not- aries (6), e-book, half bad, o' Gaea (6), ornis (6) un- ravel, to, 'til (and, debatably, till , despite the etymological and spelling differences)
That is very much the keynote of the exhibition, which contains work as challenging as art in any medium, as witnessed by the sculptural installation Reverberations by Gaea Todd, winner of this year's Best in Show award.
One trio of pieces, titled "Chaos and Gaea," would not look out of place in an architect's studio.
2005, "La fragmentacion del territorio en la zona norte de la ciudad de Mar del Plata a partir de la decada de los '90", en 66 Congreso Nacional de Geografia, Azul, GAEA, pp.
As the oldest compilation of Greek star myths, the Catasterismi opens its entry for Auriga without any ambiguity: "This is Erichthonius, the son of Hephaestus [the Olympian god of the forge] and Gaea [Mother Earth], who was the first man to harness a chariot.