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Adj.1.Gaelic-speaking - able to communicate in Gaelic
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
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Remember, of course, that Aberdeen is in a Gaelic-speaking area and so do try to use a few words of Gaelic while you are there.
His Gaelic-speaking elder brother was interviewed at the time through a translator.
Other omissions are gaelic-speaking news bulletin and weather map host Anne Lundon, and David Henderson, who is a regular in the hotseat.
Most of modern Scotland was once Gaelic-speaking, although today only a small percentage of the population use it every day.
The three talking points of the meeting will be about how you can learn conversational Gaelic really quickly, how to go about having a Gaelic-speaking family, and how to enjoy the journey of learning conversational Gaelic.
The Gall of Galloway means viking, from the Gaelic-speaking Vikings who gave Galloway their name 1100 years ago.
Wales loses thousands of Welsh-speakers a year due to emigration, and similar patterns are seen in Irish-speaking areas of Ireland and Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland.
So how can an Old Etonian who is as remote from the reality of modern Britain as a blind, 97-year-old, solely Gaelic-speaking Outer Hebridean with Alzheimer's be the main man Cameron turns to for advice?
Song was a big ally in this endeavour, for it was seen as a carrier of language; music per se was largely a vehicle for the social activities (dances) that attracted the courting classes to Gaelic-speaking occasions.
No similar success was achieved in Gaelic-speaking Scotland where listeners were dependent on the individual translations offered by the clergy.
If you're on a short break over the festival weekend, take a car on the Slea Head Drive, a well-signposted circular route taking in spectacular coastal scenery, striking archeological monuments - including the Iron Age Dun Beag Fort - and pretty Gaelic-speaking hamlets.
The first three half-hour episodes of the series were transmitted last September, and reached a record 62% of the Gaelic-speaking audience.