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 (gə-gär′ĭn), Yuri Alekseyevich 1934-1968.
Soviet cosmonaut. In 1961 he became the first person to travel in space. He was killed during a routine aircraft training mission.


(Russian ɡaˈɡarin)
(Biography) Yuri (ˈjurɪ). 1934–68, Soviet cosmonaut: made the first manned space flight (1961)


(gɑˈgɑr ɪn, gə-)

Yu•ri A•le•kse•ye•vich (ˈyʊər i ˌæl ɪkˈseɪ ə vɪtʃ) 1934–68, Russian astronaut: first person to make an orbital space flight (1961).
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Noun1.Gagarin - Soviet cosmonaut who in 1961 was the first person to travel in space (1934-1968)Gagarin - Soviet cosmonaut who in 1961 was the first person to travel in space (1934-1968)
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Kaspersky has announced its new partnership with the Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center.
Kaspersky is proud to announce its new partnership with the Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center -- the location in Star City where cosmonauts from all over the world prepare to go to space.
However, ( competition to send private astronauts into space will be tough and swift as the Russian space agency also has similar plans to send tourists into space along the "( Gagarin Route " by 2021.
"I was up there (in outer space), I looked around, and I did not see God." For a long time, this statement was attributed to Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968), the Russian cosmonaut who was the first man to orbit the earth.
The long quotes, such as those of North Korean pilot No Kum-Sok and Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, bring each chapter to life.
There is a statue of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go to space, a monument to Marshal Zhukov (Soviet Red Army officer who became Chief of General Staff, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Minister of Defence and a member of the Politburo, the executive committee of the communist party), Pushinskaya Square named after Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, a Russian poet, playwright, and novelist of the Romantic era.Astronaut Gagarin name revered hereRussia was the first country to send man to space, and Russians are very proud of this fact.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- April 12, 1961, will always be remembered in history as the day when Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who was only 27 years old at the time, became the first man in space.
IN 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to go into orbit, beating the Americans by almost a year.
(Alexei Kojevnikov, in his introductory essay in Into the Cosmos, goes so far as to say that Sputnik and Gagarin are on their way to attaining the status of historical icons, like "the pyramids, the Great Wall, the Santa Maria, evolution, and the atomic bomb.") Many countries have evicted an invading army, but only one launched the first satellite and the first man into space, with the added dramatic element of doing so just years after losing millions of citizens and a tremendous amount of economic infrastructure in a war.
It is so beautiful!" Russian cosmonaut Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin became the first person to see the blue planet from outer space and spurred on the space race with America.
London, June 18 ( ANI ): The speculations about the 1968 air crash of MiG-15 which killed the 'first man in space' Yuri Gagarin, have taken a fresh turn when fellow cosmonaut revealed details about the crash.
In 2011, on the 50th anniversary of the date Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to see Planet Earth from space, the UN declared April 12 International Day of Human Space Flight.