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 (ā′gär-wo͝od′, ä′-)

[Hindi agar, from Prakrit agaru, from Sanskrit agaruḥ, agaru; akin to Tamil and Malayalam akil.]
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In addition, they gather and trade non-timber forest products (NTFP) such as gemstones, animal parts, and bird's nests; engage in small-scale gold-mining; and collect and trade gaharu.
The plane, which had only 800 flying hours on the clock then, experienced a significant drop in altitude on a flight from Bali to Jakarta, passenger Robbi Gaharu said.
Dozens of people can be seen working under the sweltering midday sun in a hilly area where around 11,000 gaharu (agarwood) trees were planted last year.
"Conflicting Ecologies in a 'Failed' Gaharu Nursery Programme in Central Kalimantan".
In exchange they offered mostly freshly-bagged game, young dogs, rattan, and sometimes, though rarely, gaharu, damar, honey, beeswax, and other forest products.
Asia Plantation Capital's new agarwood (Gaharu) factory and Research Centre.
Keywords: Agarwood extracts; Aromatic compound; Chromone; Gaharu; GC-MS; Monoterpene; Sesquiterpene; Sterol
"In Kaname, I did business, looking for the gaharu in the villages." The gaharu tree produces a hard, black resin that the Asmat peoples burn to connect with their ancestors and cast spells.
Assessment of the Nontimber Forest Product Gaharu Wood in Gunung Palung
The rest are small enterprises such as Atlasat, Gaharu, Corbec Communication, Mobicom Selularindo, Jasnita Telekomindo, Starcall Siscom and Indopratama Teleglobal.
Section I covers forest resource management and traditional ecological knowledge, with specific chapters on the usual set of topics--subsistence strategies, hunting techniques, knowledge of rice varieties, swidden farm practices, fallow management and non-timber product collection and use (with special focus on rotan and gaharu).