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 (gā′ə, gī′ə)
Variant of Gaea.


(ˈɡeɪə) ,




(Classical Myth & Legend) the goddess of the earth, who bore Uranus and by him Oceanus, Cronus, and the Titans
[from Greek gaia earth]
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Noun1.Gaia - (Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythologyGaia - (Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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You can sleep {64} during the whole voyage if you like, and the men shall sail you over smooth waters either to your own home, or wherever you please, even though it be a long way further off than Euboea, which those of my people who saw it when they took yellow-haired Rhadamanthus to see Tityus the son of Gaia, tell me is the furthest of any place--and yet they did the whole voyage in a single day without distressing themselves, and came back again afterwards.
Gradually these ideas crystallized into a business concept and the company, Les Jardins de Gaia, was created in Rohmer's native Alsace, in 1994.
The author throws in tiny hints of Gaia and Leon's backstory but devotes most of the text to constructing the etiquette and governance of dystopian Sylum, as well as revisiting themes (reproductive freedom) from book one.
Gaia Online offers a truly immersive social gaming platform for members, incorporating gaming mechanics and highly creative artwork in its community.
Gaia joins the firm at an exciting time in its growth, as it recently moved into new offices in the centre of Newcastle.
Imaginative characters, plot-directed action, and above all total eco-awareness and individual responsibility are the chief characteristics of "Avatars of Gaia.
Launched in 2008, The Gaia Awards aim to promote a company or an individual's responsibility to the environment by recognising their achievements and providing a platform for companies to highlight their 'green' products and discuss future developments.
Gaia is designed to draw a map of the Milky Way, our home galaxy.
Both McPhee and Gaia were among the players to leave after Weymouth's cash problems meant they had not been paid for two months.
Miho meets Gaia and is given powers related to water.
The Gaia hypothesis, which was first articulated about 35 years ago, in its simplest form, is just the claim that the Earth's biosystem is, in net, a vast mutualistic symbiosis.
But after the relationship with their lender, Heartland Community Bank in nearby Franklin, suddenly went sour in February 2003, the women found themselves in a kind of small-business owners' hell, faced not only with closing Gaia but with a lawsuit and the possible seizure of their home by the bank.