n.1.A jailer.
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Whitehaven assistant coaches Lee Doran and Les Ashe look set to take charge of the club's final regular Co-operative Championship game following the dismissal of Don Gailer.
Whitehaven coach Don Gailer said: "The Scorpions have changed their squad significantly over the last couple of weeks, but I had a look at them against Halifax and while they conceded a lot of points, they showed plenty of character to come back and score a couple of smart tries.
Just 11 days before, Kirkhouse had also threatened 17-year-old Katrina Gailer with a knife in Southwick, Sunderland, after she asked him the time.
Ingrid Pickering from the University of Saskatchewan gave a talk on X-ray absorption spectroscopy and imaging in the Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry symposium organized by Jurgen Gailer, ACIC.
James Wood, 23, was sentenced after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the September 1999 slaying of 65-year-old John Frederick Gailer, who was beaten to death with a metal rod.
There are now scholarly editions, either in progress or completed, of the works among others of Gryphius, Gailer von Kaysersberg, Greiffenberg, Hallmann, Hofmannswaldau, Anton Ulrich von Braunschweig-Wolfenbu ttel, Naogeorg, Murer, Riemer, Rist, Spangenberg, Wagner, Weise, Wickram, and Zesen.
Our whole product line is shifting up and our average price point has gotten higher," noted Alta Gailer at Quaker.
We wanted to have a Belgian chocolate, and we wanted to have something different," says Theo Goldberg, managing director of IMCOT, which imports and distributes the Gailer range of filled bars from Belgium.
IXOS SOFTWARE AG (TecDAX: "XOS", NASDAQ: "XOSY") has announced that CFO Peter Rau (47) and Richard Gailer (40), the member of the Executive Board with responsibility for sales and marketing, will leave the company by mutual agreement and on the best of terms with effect from March 31, 2004, in order to take up new professional opportunities.
Whitehaven coach Don Gailer said: "Everyone we seem to play seems to hit a bit of form or make a signing or two the week before we play them.