Gaius Flaminius

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Noun1.Gaius Flaminius - Roman statesman and general who built the Flaminian Way; died when he was defeated by Hannibal (died 217 BC)
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When he passed through the marshland, Gaius Flaminius was shocked because he had no idea that Hannibal could lead Carthaginian army along that path so soon in his left-wing.
The army under the command of Consul Gaius Flaminius blundered too close to the marshy verge of the lake, where the footing was soft.
266); first served as consul in Liguria (233), and served as censor (230) before he was again consul (228); may have been sent to Carthage to demand satisfaction for Hannibal's attack on Saguntum (Sagunto) in Spain (218); elected dictator after Gaius Flaminius' army was destroyed by Hannibal at Lake Trasimene (April 217), he avoided open battle on the plains, and waged a guerrilla war of raids and ambushes in the hills where Hannibal's superior cavalry was hampered; his prompt arrival at Gerunium rescued the hard-pressed army of his chief lieutenant, M.

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