n.1.A gum resin exuding from the stems of certain Asiatic umbelliferous plants, mostly species of Ferula. The Bubon Galbanum of South Africa furnishes an inferior kind of galbanum. It has an acrid, bitter taste, a strong, unpleasant smell, and is used for medical purposes, also in the arts, as in the manufacture of varnish.
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We thank Maria Antonieta Rissato Garofalo, Elza Aparecida Filippin, Lilian do Carmo Heck, and Victor Diaz Galban for their technical assistance.
Pena Galban L, Casas Rodriguez L, Padilla de la Cruz M, Gomez Arencibia T, Gallardo Alvarez M.
He is hard-boiled detective Scott Galban who's investigating the murder of his partner who was stabbed to death in a New York subway.
Agencies that regulate publicly traded companies are better funded, are more visible, and are more comfortable sharing and publicizing the value of the success of their actions," says Anthony Galban, senior vice president and global D&O product manager, Chubb Specialty Insurance.
We are grateful to the families Rodriguez, Angeletti, Cano, and Veggiani, to Alvaro Galban and Andrea Saracho, residents of the houses where ovitraps where placed.
Tony Galban, senior vice president and global directors and officers liability product manager for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, did offer some clarification on D&O insurance.
Los presentes hallazgos van en concordancia con lo reportado por Galban y Benzaken, que demuestran la tendencia al aumento de la sifilis congenita en 9 paises de LAC, incluido Colombia (26).
Humberto Gonzalez Galban y Teresa Fernandez de Juan
After examining Millie, Evelyn Galban, a neurosurgeon in Penn Vet's Department of Clinical Studies in Philadelphia, thought it would be useful to physically handle a replica of the dog's skull.
Born in New York City of Mexican-Argentinian descent, Zapata joined forces with Cuban-born actress, playwright and director Margarita Galban to found the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts in 1973.