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 (găl′brāth′), John Kenneth 1908-2006.
Canadian-born American economist, writer, and diplomat who served as US ambassador to India (1961-1963). His works include The Affluent Society (1958).


(Biography) John Kenneth. 1908–2006, US economist and diplomat born in Canada; author of The Affluent Society (1958), The New Industrial State (1967), and The Culture of Contentment (1992)
Galˈbraithian adj


(ˈgæl breɪθ)

John Kenneth, born 1908, U.S. economist, born in Canada.
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Noun1.Galbraith - United States economist (born in Canada) who served as ambassador to India (born in 1908)
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Galbraith was seen prostrate on the floor at a little distance from the others.
The secret of Jane Galbraith and the cursed entry in the day-book closed his mouth.
Indeed, it is ironic that Galbraith, who took part in the Dayton Peace Accords that have kept an ethnically and religiously riven Bosnia together--thanks to the presence of NATO troops--should discount the possibility that the same thing could happen in Iraq.
Speaking of painful voids, we are saddened at the lost of John Kenneth Galbraith.
So it's probably best that Ken Galbraith, who died April 29 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at age 97, missed his obituaries.
El pasado 29 de abril, a los 97 anos de edad, murio en Cambridge, Massachussetts, John Kenneth Galbraith, uno de los economistas mas leidos y discutidos del mundo, al menos desde la segunda mitad del siglo pasado.
It is a well known bit of John Kenneth Galbraith lore that his path to becoming a towering public intellectual began at Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), which he once described as "not only the cheapest but probably the worst college in the English-speaking world.
It's not only bad politics for the Democrats but bad economics, argues Galbraith, an economist at the University of Texas at Austin.
Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith, then Ambassador to India, got wind of their plan--and rushed to block their efforts.
High oleic canola oils offer an unprecedented opportunity to canola producers as a result of the convergence of health trends, end-use demand and the development of viable canola varieties with specific oil traits," Galbraith says.
Antonia Galbraith, now 24, was left with wounds to her head, face, arms, chest and buttock after the ``sustained, murderous and savage'' assault by 31-year-old Matthew Horncastle at the salon in Leigh, Essex, in March, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.
That offensive, green-lighted by Galbraith (at the time U.