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also Gal·i·lae·an  (găl′ə-lē′ən)
1. A native or inhabitant of Galilee.
2. Archaic
a. A Christian.
b. Jesus.
Of or relating to Galilee or its people.
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Noun1.Galilaean - an inhabitant of Galilee (an epithet of Jesus Christ)
denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabitant, indweller - a person who inhabits a particular place
Adj.1.Galilaean - of or relating to Galilee or its inhabitants
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When Pilate sent Jesus to Herod--because as a Galilaean he belonged to Herod's jurisdiction--and Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate, Herod and Pilate became friends (Luke 23, 12).
The "Arab Spring," as it has been coined, may be morphing into an "Islamic Winter," as recently noted by Galilaean Palestinian attorney Sabri Jiryis.
Modern preferences for Nazareth over Bethlehem rest on misunderstandings of Mark 1:9 and John 7:41, texts representing contemporary debates over the Messiah Christ's Galilaean versus Davidian credentials.