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Noun1.Galina Ulanova - Russian ballet dancer (1910-1998)
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The series also implied that the prince had an affair with Galina Ulanova, a Russian ballerina.
| WHAT...was the profession of Galina Ulanova, who died in 1998?
"Stars of the Russian ballet Vladimir Vasiliev, Konstantin Sergeev, Galina Ulanova, Ekaterina Maksimova performed in different versions of The Nutcracker," Smirnov said.
Some of the most accomplished dancers to perform this role include Carlotta Grisi, Anna Pavlova, Tamara Karsavina, Olga Spessivtseva, Galina Ulanova, Alicia Markova and Eva Evdokimova.
As described by Galina Ulanova, a Bolshoi Ballet star, and one of the great Russian ballerinas, after her first visit to the United States in 1959:
The hotel also offers 19 stunning suites, including three Penthouse Suites named after famous Russian ballet dancers Galina Ulanova, Isadora Duncan and Vaslav Nijinsky.
They tread a stage on which in the halcyon days of the Bolshoi in the Soviet Union appeared legends such as ballerinas Maya Plisetskaya and Galina Ulanova and the mythical male dancer Maris Liepa.
In 1987, Tsiskaridze joined the Moscow Ballet School at the age of 14 and was admitted into the Bolshoi Ballet in 1992.After winning the praise of ballet legends, including Galina Ulanova, Marina Semenova and Yuri Grigorovich, he became the youngest person to be named a People's Artist of Russia in 2001.
So are such artists as Margot Fonteyn, Galina Ulanova, and Alicia Alonso.