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 (găl′ə-dĕt′), Thomas Hopkins 1787-1851.
American educator who established the first free American school for the deaf and hearing-impaired (1817). His sons Thomas (1822-1902) and Edward (1837-1917) also founded institutions for the deaf.


(ˌgæl əˈdɛt)

Thomas Hopkins, 1787–1851, U.S. educator of the deaf.
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Noun1.Gallaudet - United States educator who established the first free school in the United States for the hearing impaired (1787-1851)
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Tim Gallaudet discussed the significance of having senior leadership from the Navy and ocean science community at the same table.
Most people have heard of the Mercury Seven, but few know about the Gallaudet Eleven, the team of deaf men who helped NASA prepare to send people into space.
Ethnographic research with deaf communities reveals deaf culture, identity, and empowerment in three different cultures: Flanders in Belgium, Gallaudet University of Washington DC, and Cameroon in Africa.
Synopsis: In the early 19th century, a hearing American reverend, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, met a deaf French educator, Laurent Clerc, who agreed to come to the United States and help establish the first school in America to use sign language to teach deaf children.
Comparison with reported etiology for hearing impairment of Gallaudet research institution US (1994).
This anthology, put together by Nelson and Harmon (English, Gallaudet U.
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Less than a week after Gallaudet University put its chief diversity officer on administrative leave for signing a petition on same-sex marriage, the school for the deaf has decided it wants Angela McCaskill to return after a brouhaha erupted over her suspension.
A new Living and Learning Residence Hall, dubbed LLRH6, is the second construction project incorporating DeafSpace at Gallaudet University (D.
The English Language Institute at Gallaudet University participated in the Electronic Networks for Instruction (ENFI) Project in 1989.
Tim Gallaudet, global warming isn't a political matter-it's a practical one.
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