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Noun1.Gallinago - snipesGallinago - snipes          
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Scolopacidae, Scolopacidae - sandpiper family: sandpipers; woodcocks; snipes; tattlers; curlews; godwits; dowitchers
Gallinago gallinago, whole snipe - common snipe of Eurasia and Africa
Gallinago media, great snipe, woodcock snipe - Old World snipe larger and darker than the whole snipe
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(1) There is an ornithological connection here, as one of the more credible, recent sightings occurred during Latham's Snipe Gallinago hardwickii surveys in remote Tasmania.
Gallinago gallinago "becasina comun", ha sido reportada por Wust et al.
Alcedo atthis, Calidris ferruginea, Charadrius asiaticu, Charadrius morinellus, Cygnus olor, Gallinago media, Jynx torquilla, Larus audouinii, Milvus milvus, Otus brucei, Pelacanus onocrotalus, Phalacrocorax carbo, Podiceps auritus, Tetrax tetrax, Tringa nebularia and Vanellus leucura reported by Curzon (1854) could not be observed during the present study.
Mae'r giach cyffredin (Gallinago gallinago; Snipe) a'r giach bach (Lymnocryptes minimus; Jack snipe) i'w gweld yma hefyd.
alpina 65 42 arcticola Wilson's Snipe 99 64 Gallinago delicata Loon (unidentified) * 2513 1633 Red-throated Loon 1759 65% 1143 Gavia stellata Arctic Loon G.
From the fourteen aquatic breeding taxa mentioned in the literary corpus, we highlight the common snipe, Gallinago gallinago, which is present in seven writings by five writers.
2) species which are tolerant to disturbance and have low harvest including garganey Anas querquedula, common snipe Gallinago gallinago, coot Fulica atra, Aythya spp.
What is the common name of the bird Gallinago gallinago, a word which also means to criticise?