(găl′ō-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
A strong predilection for anything French.

[French gallomanie : gallo-, France (from Latin Gallus, a Gaul) + -manie, mania (from Late Latin mania; see mania).]
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When in Tory journalist William Jerdan's Six Weeks in Paris; or, a Cure for the Gallomania a fictional traveller complained that in Paris "everything seems veiled in an impenetrable mystery," his fictional French counterpart replied that, as in the past, the French were "the same fickle people they ever were ...
A Cure for the Gallomania. By a Late Visitant (London: J.
Gottsched's own comedies were fashioned after the work of these French playwrights: Die ungleiche Heirat (1743) pokes fun at hypochondria and snobbery, Die Hausfranz6sinn (1744) at Gallomania, and Das Testament (1745) at greed.