n.1.An under servant for the kitchen; a scullion; a cook's errand boy.
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Why, he'd a-cut a swath through the free an' easy big business gamblers an' pirates of them days; just as he cut a swath through the hearts of the ladies when he went gallopin' past on that big horse of his, sword clatterin', spurs jinglin', his long hair fiyin', straight as an Indian, clean-built an' graceful as a blue-eyed prince out of a fairy book an' a Mexican caballero all rolled into one; just as he cut a swath through the Johnny Rebs in Civil War days, chargin' with his men all the way through an' back again, an' yellin' like a wild Indian for more.
'Worn't one o' these chaps slim and tall, with long hair, and the gift o' the gab wery gallopin'?'
Satellite imagery of the Ingessana Hills, showing the destruction of several villages: "This systematic and deliberate targeting of civilians follows a disturbing pattern that was used by the Sudanese government to devastating effect in Darfur," said Jean-Baptiste Gallopin, Amnesty International's Sudan researcher.
Having started the day in fifth place, Froome dropped two places but has the same time as third-placed Frenchman Tony Gallopin, one minute and 57 seconds behind leader David Veilleux of Canada.
(28) To do this, we will need to consider ways of achieving what Gallopin has called 'non-material economic growth'.29 Whereas economic growth is traditionally associated with an increase in the size of material stocks (buildings, infrastructures) and the per capita consumption of material goods, this can be changed by introducing indicators of progress (such as, for example, a Happiness Index) that values well-being over personal wealth accumulation including, for example, improvements in public health, restored natural environment, greater choice of cultural activities, less inequality and more personal security.
"It is still far from being over," Astana sports director Alain Gallopin said.
Le systeme s'articule sur deux axes, de maniere bidirectionnelle, soit la societe et les ecosystemes naturels, en liaison flechee, integres spatialement de maniere hierarchique, du local a l'international selon differents niveaux de dependance (Gallopin, 1991).
Several French riders could make a bold bid, including Sylvain Chavanel, Tony Gallopin, stage-eight winner Lilian Calmejane and Pierre Rolland.
The Sky duo had been joined by Wellens' team-mate Tony Gallopin and the Frenchman joined forces with them on the descent which followed to reel in the group ahead and close the gap to Contador, who picked up a time bonus, at the finish to five seconds and clinch the overall by four during a finish seven-time race winner Sean Kelly described as the "most incredible" in the history of the 'Race to the Sun'.