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Noun1.Galois - French mathematician who described the conditions for solving polynomial equations; was killed in a duel at the age of 21 (1811-1832)
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Contractor address : rgion Occitanie 8 rue Evariste Galois, CS 635
His results serve as the logical foundation of several recent developments in the theory of p-adic automorphic forms and of Lan's own work with Harris, Taylor, and Thorne on the construction of Galois representations without any polarizability conditions, which is a major breakthrough in the Langlands program.
Galois, a Portland, Oregon-based computer science research-and-development company, is partnering with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to assess the feasibility of making a technique called homomorphic encryption more practical and easy to use by programmers, said David Archer, research lead in cryptography and multiparty computation at the company.
We let K(p) denote the compositum of all finite Galois extensions of K of degree a power of p.
Genus theory for number fields was first studied for quadratic, abelian, and Galois extensions over Q by Hasse, Iyanaga Tamagawa and Leopoldt, and Frohlich.
Keywords: formal context, generalized one-sided concept lattice, Galois connection, closure system
Specific contributions address topics such as the Tamagawa number conjecture, metabelian Galois representations, Newton polygons, Igusa class polynomials, homomorphic encryption, and Ramanujan type supercongruences.
We studied the relationship between decodes time of destination node and the node number in round and network, the number of data packet which source node sends every time, Galois field size, transmission radius of each node and wiretapper's ability in wireless network by quantitative analyzing.
The night before the fateful duel, Galois wrote a summary of all his thoughts on algebraic equations.
Imperial Tobacco TKS produces the brands West, Davidoff, Boss, Galois, Style and Rodeo (the most sold brand on the Macedonian market).
Chapters address group theory, commutative rings, Galois theory, noncommutative rings, representation theory, advanced linear algebra, and homology.
We recall that an extension R [subset or equal to] S of a normal domain R of dimension two is called Galois if S is the integral closure of R in L, where K [subset or equal to] L is a finite Galois extension of the quotient field K of R, and R [subset or equal to] S is unramified at all prime ideals of height one.