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I've seen over a thousand, in my day, paid down for gals not a bit handsomer.
Why, Tom,' I used to say, `when your gals takes on and cry, what's the use o' crackin on' em over the head, and knockin' on 'em round?
Besides, Tom,' says I, `it jest spiles your gals; they get sickly, and down in the mouth; and sometimes they gets ugly,--particular yallow gals do,--and it's the devil and all gettin' on 'em broke in.
You see, when I any ways can, I takes a leetle care about the onpleasant parts, like selling young uns and that,--get the gals out of the way--out of sight, out of mind, you know,--and when it's clean done, and can't be helped, they naturally gets used to it.
De lady says dat she's on to de fact dat gals is dead easy when a feller comes spielin' ghost stories and tryin' to make up, and dat's why she won't listen to no soft-soap.
There's one or two families yer with grown-up gals ez oughter be squared; that is--the boys mighter put in a few fancy touches among them--kinder take 'em buggy riding--or to church--once in a while--just to take the pizen outer their tongues, and make a kind o' bluff to the parents, d'ye see?
She's no small weight, brother; none of these here fine gals are.
She's one of them fine, black-eyed, proud gals, as I wouldn't trust at such times with a knife too near 'em.
You're making up to that young gal of Jane's,' he proceeded.
I been watching this young gal of Jane's, and I seen what sort of a young gal she be.
It's all the same, I reckon; some says gal, some says girl -- both's right, like enough.
We keep a boy to do the dirty work, and a gal besides, but they dine in the wash'us.