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1. The rough hide of a shark or ray with embedded denticles, used as an abrasive and as leather.
2. An untanned leather with a granular surface that is often dyed green.

[French chagrin, leather made from the croup of a horse, donkey, or mule, alteration (probably influenced by French chagrin, chagrin, because such leather is rough) of Middle French sagrin, from Turkish sağrı, croup, leather made from a horse's croup, from Old Turkic; perhaps akin to Mongolian saγu-, to sit.]

sha·green′ adj.


1. (Tanning) the rough skin of certain sharks and rays, used as an abrasive
2. (Tanning) a rough grainy leather made from certain animal hides
[C17: from French chagrin, from Turkish çagri rump; also associated through folk etymology with shag1, green]



1. an untanned leather with a granular surface, prepared from the hide of a horse, shark, seal, etc.
2. the rough skin of certain sharks, used as an abrasive.
3. Also, sha•greened′. made of or resembling shagreen.
[1605–15; < French chagrin, alter. of sagrin < Turkish sağrI rump, crupper]


[ʃæˈgriːn] Nchagrín m, zapa f


nChagrin(leder) nt
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For a more "casual" look (relatively speaking, of course), the central diamond can be removed and worn on a diamond-set black galuchat cuff.
The Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) has approved the application for registration of Maison Galuchat Inc.
Se da el nombre de zapa o galuchat al cuero procedente de ciertas especies de peces, principalmente las lijas y las rayas.
She used to work with galuchat (or shagreen, stingray leather) from Cebu, and is also considering Philippine mother of pearl.
The limited edition variant of the watch is made using gold, and diamonds, while the strap is made using black Galuchat leather, with blackened steel triple folding clasp.
La Laque Couture Les Graines in Blue Galuchat looks like glitter polish when you paint it on, but it dries to a grainy deep turquoise that really looks (and feels) like leather.
A soft, dusty pink, |Yves Saint |All That Jazz Laurent La Laque Couture in 52 Blue Galuchat Professional Nail Lacquer in Standing O the Cashmere polish lets you swathe your nails in a subtle pearlescent sheen.
uk) TOUCHABLE TEXTURES GONE are the days when shiny, glossy nails were de rigueur - innovative new textures are hitting the shops thick and fast, the perfect complement Yves Laurent Couture Galuchat Nail Oxblood for autumn's feel-good fashion.
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