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 (găm′ə, gä′mə), Vasco da 1460?-1524.
Portuguese explorer and colonial administrator. The first European to sail to India (1497-1498), he opened the East to Portuguese trade and colonization.


(Biography) Vasco da (ˈvæskəʊ də). ?1469–1524, Portuguese navigator, who discovered the sea route from Portugal to India around the Cape of Good Hope (1498)


(ˈgæm ə, ˈgɑ mə)

Vasco da, c1460–1524, Portuguese navigator: first to sail from Europe to India.
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While I was entirely taken up with the duties of my ministry, the viceroy of Tigre received the commands of the Emperor to search for the bones of Don Christopher de Gama.
It coasted even the Island of Kiltan, a land originally coraline, discovered by Vasco da Gama in 1499, and one of the nineteen principal islands of the Laccadive Archipelago, situated between
Come, Tan Gama," he cried, "we are to take the Thark before Kab Kadja.
Toward the end of the fifteenth century the Portuguese sailor, Vasco da Gama, finishing the work of Diaz, discovered the sea route to India around the Cape of Good Hope.
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